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I have spent almost two years capturing local moods, including the magnificent and the mundane, looking for what makes this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty distinctive and special. I never go for the obvious, I look to capture a moment that will most likely be gone the next time I visit and delight in the fact that I keep discovering new and wonderful things about the Chilterns. A masterplan there is not, only to listen, look and share the stories about what is all around us.

If you know the Chilterns well, I hope to inspire you to look anew at your home and surroundings, and if you don’t know the Chilterns, you would be very welcome to  come and visit.

The Chilterns are not a place name you’d perhaps recognise, despite being located in the space between London’s Metroland and Oxford. And therein lies the appeal; having the  place to myself most days…well almost.

The heritage, culture, the great, quirky and unique traditions like swan upping, a school master and his three books, even hellfire on a hill!
Produce and industry – watercress, windmills, arts and crafts
The weather, of course.                                                                                                                Words, dialect, local sayings, mythes and legends, jokes and quirky anecdotes, love these!
Natural landscape features and man-made stuff; a musical encountercricket pitches the Chilterns in miniature and quarries.

I have presented the content by season which you will find under the season tabs above. This blog will most likely never be completed, I’ll keep on adding to it as I visit new and revisit familiar and favourite places. These are my views, my photographs (unless otherwise stated), my adventures and copyright of Mary Tebje.

If you have any ideas and suggestions for places you think I should like to visit, then please get in touch on the ‘contact me’ page.

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