This travel blog celebrates a year of quiet exploration in this rural part of England. Somewhere that has remained largely unchanged, but not unaffected by the wider demands of growth and industrial development that is the urban sprawl of Greater London. I like to find and then share the stories of the people and places that have shaped this region.

Meet the team

This blog is written and photographed by me, Mary Tebje, a Chilterns local, who by day is a tourism marketing professional, working in destinations in the UK and aboard, and whenever I can, will head into the hills.

This unique travel blog sets out to capture the beauty in the mundane, the small things that the locals have stopped noticing, but is the very essence of what makes this place special. Like sheep’s fleece snagged on the hawthorn bushes, an owl pellet carefully left on a fence post, big skies and orchids. I hope to give you ideas for where you can; enjoy historic manor houses, ancient hill forts, sunken lanes, cemeteries, picnics, pubs, vistas and the rolling countryside.

My thanks to my travel team comprising Leo, who has led me down many unfamiliar and often muddy paths that have revealed so many treasures and treats. To my son, who starts off each expedition with a long face, but seeing things through his eyes is a delight. So is his face when tucking into local ice creams and cake!

Landscape stories and exploration
My travelling companions

To speak to Mary about this blog, to make enquiries about photography or using images on this website, please contact me here. To find out about about Tebje Associates and the tourism services offered, please hop over to my main website.

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