It’s the skylarks and snowdrops that increases the heart rate and knowledge that spring is not far off. Spring in the Chiltern hills is the season when the world is renewed and we shake off the winter gloom.

“…spring in England is like a prolonged adolescence, stumbling, sweet and slow, a thing of infinitesimal shades, false starts, expectations, deferred hopes, and final showers of glory.”

― Laurie Lee, Village Christmas And Other Notes on the English Year

Getting caught in a rainstorm, speaking the truth and a muddy walk, are some of my favourite spring things. 

Seen mostly from commuter trains, I expect Berkhamsted castle is one of those landmarks that is just no longer noticed. Now a scheduled ancient monument, the castle had a lucky escape from those bringing a new prosperity to the Chilterns countryside.

We have the heritage weirdos to thank
Cliveden Rose Garden

“The Rose Garden at Cliveden was described by designer Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe as a vegetable form, like a cabbage, with each bed intended to envelop the visitor and draw them deeper into the garden,” explained Cliveden head gardener Andrew Mudge.

A resting Satyr leans on a stump amidst the 9,000 blooms in the restored Rose Garden at Cliveden
Meeting a relaxed Satyr amidst 900 blooms

Appreciate the quiet streets of Aylesbury in spring, yes, they do exist!

Parson’s Fee
Chilterns Woodland

A day to discover what lies beneath turned into an altogether unexpected musical encounter as I headed out to spend a spring morning discovering the archeology that litters the floor of an ancient Chilterns woodland at Pigotts Wood.

Musically unexpected

 Nuffield Place is typical of the Chilterns: modest, intriguing and tucked away in a beautiful place you have probably near heard of. The William Morris of the British Arts and Crafts Movement-fame casts a huge shadow on this William Morris who brought affordable motoring to Britain, and this is his story.

The Chilterns are so cool
Stowe House

With the Easter weather forecast of doom for three of the four-day spring bank holiday weekend, today was the day to get out. And get out everyone did! Up and down the land, queues formed for just about everything, including Stowe House and Gardens near Buckingham.

Mine and Leo’s favourite garden
Spring into the countryside

Whilst out on our walk this morning, two vivid speckled birds with yellow faces and breasts, burst out of the undergrowth and landed on a branch nearby.

Getting caught in storms
Chess Valley Watercress

Drinking before lunchtime is not without risk; needing a loo whilst out on the trail, not finding the trail, even failing to turn up for lunch! We were off to discover the flavours of the Chess Valley.

Loving the original flavours
British Schools Museum

One master, three books, 300 boys and 30 monitors, this is the inspirational story of one man’s vision to provide basic education to the children of Hitchin.

School report: must try harder!
Peter the Wild Boy

The astonishing story of how a wild boy was found in a German forest, adopted by an English king and came to live in the Chilterns. So astonishing it comes in two parts: part one and two.The

From German forest to Chilterns farm